Born and raised in the English countryside, Katy is now based in London. 

Katy studied Business Management BSc in Manchester University and has been leading Operations and People teams for FinTech companies in the City of London for the last 10 years.  She has always been creative and has used art as an outlet. 

However, her focus started to shift during the Covid pandemic, having decided to use her artwork to raise funds in support of the Royal Medical Benevolent Fund (RMBF). The charity provides support to medical professionals and their families. Her husband being a Doctor and many friends working in the health service gave her a first-hand look at the impact the pandemic has had on these incredible professionals and their families. She continues to support the RMBF's efforts to provide Mental health services.

It was during this time that a shift occurred and Katy began to push the boundaries in her technique and style, playfully experimenting with mixing mediums and reigniting a love to discover. Finding her voice in the paint she creates unique artwork that is playful but evocative. 

She aims to forge a connection with the viewer, sometimes subtly and at other times in a more direct way.  

Her work has only recently become widely available but is already owned by collectors across the UK, Europe, USA and Australia. 

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