Framing Suggestions & Recommendations

First things to consider about framing

Framing should not detract from the work but give it space for the eye to enjoy. It is also a great way to protect your artwork. We know it can be a bit challenging navigating framing so we hope this might help a little.

Always think about where the work is going to live, try to blend the frame with other key woods and colour schemes as it will help the work look like it belongs in the space in the best way.

Framing Canvas Board & Alcohol Inks

To frame canvas boards or alcohol ink works on Yupo paper we suggest using a box frame with mount board in front or have the piece raised inside the frame. We strongly suggest keeping work behind glass to prevent dust.

To keep it simple, such as for alcohol inks a standard frame & mount board can be purchased from any home retailer.

Some DIY tutorials online:

    Alternatively your local framer will be able to do this for you!

    Canvas board behind a mount board (Please note this is a photoshopped example)Mounted Canvas Board above a backboard ( Please note this is a photoshopped image)

    Create a larger Feature by combining tiles 

    Create a feature piece by using multiple works using the above techniques

    We recommend using your local framer for this.

    Framing canvases on a wooden/metal frame

    We do recommended to frame pieces as it does add a bit of protection from knocks and scrapes to the work in the long term. We suggest a small gap and clean looking frame. This is so that the eye stays on the work and does not become distracted by the frame itself.

    We love to hang our works unframed as it has a more raw vibe, to give you this option  most of our canvases are painted on the sides.

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